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Strategic Planning and the Path To Success

May 4, 2021

Strategic Planning.

Strategic Planning is a practical approach to attaining results efficiently and effectively.

The process allows you to see the forest from the trees; to take a birds-eye view of the details, see the situation as a whole, and organize your mind.

In fact, let’s think of the process in terms of a wilderness hike.

1. You’ll determine where you’re heading.

Putting thoughts to paper will clear a path, showing where you are now, and where you want to be.
Clarifying your destination allows you to outline a route to get you there. At times you may veer off the expected path, but with a map, you’ll know how to get right back on course.

2. You’ll get organized.

You’ve decided on the destination and the path. Now you need to assemble your tools.
How will you know what to take?
The strategic plan clearly identifies the right tactics, and the appropriate way to group and align them with broader strategies, all depending on when and where you’re going.
The plan ensures you’re doing the right things, at the right time, always with an eye on the destination. (…So, you won’t end up on the hike with blister Band-Aids but no hiking boots…)

3. You’ll get you inspired.

If you haven’t shared the destination with your team, how will they get excited for the view at the top?
A strategic plan is a clear communication tool for the entire team, so everyone is on the same page, take accountability for their role, and safely prepare for the journey.
A strategic plan provides a clear plan for everyone to do their part. In its absence, confusion, uncertainty, and wasted resources prevail.

4. You’ll move forward.

A strategic plan is a living document. It’s strategies and tactics can change depending on the climate, but the destination remains the same.
If you’re committed to forward momentum, set some time aside to create a map and put one foot in front of the other.


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