Our Favorite Mobile Lens Maker is Having a Sale.

May 4, 2021

Use this link for great gifts from Moment

The Moment Lens Mother Day Sale.

Do you do a lot of mobile photography and video production? We do.

We use Moment's lenses and lens system for all of our content.

In for connecting more.
Being open to the places we go, the people we meet. Away from the feed. Feeding the soul. Just being there. Present. (...dramatic silence...) In the moment. (ha, see what we did there?)

That's part of the Moment Manifesto and it's more important than every, right now.


A vital selection of lenses for your mobile phone. From tele to superfish, this collection is everything you'll need for your mobile photography kit bag.


This anamorphic lens is the pinnacle of mobile video lenses. The Moment Anamorphic Lens with Gold Flare brings a warm cinematic look to your videos. Inspired by the iconic Iscorama Pre-36 anamorphic lenses, we created a mobile anamorphic that produces a subtle blue flare combined with a gorgeous yellow / gold flare. Less sci-fi and more neutral, this combination gives you rich tones and golden flares that will take your videos to the next level. Whether shooting indoors or during golden hour this lens will make your videos pop.

The Moment Mother's Day Sale.

Lenses, cases, bags, cameras, film...everything that amazing woman deserves.

Not just lenses...

Moment's site is home to product reviews, photo and video tutorials and lessons, cameras, lighting, audio gear...just about everything you need for your photo and video passion. It's a full-blown market place for photographers and videographers of all kinds.

About Moment.

They started in 2013 on Kickstarter, making gear for they do more than that. They sell gear from their favorite brands, publish lessons from go-to creatives, and run photo adventures all over the world.

Moment is a Pacific Northwest company based out of Seattle, WA. They are one of those rare gems in the business world; a company that creates community and that's something we at Road Astronaut Design appreciate very much.

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