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Create Stunning Videos On A Budget

April 15, 2021

Creating beautiful videos on a small budget.

You don't have to break the bank to break the internet or bust the box office.

It's not about your gear; It's how you use it.

Let's talk about using your phone to make video that will look like you've spent thousands on expensive camera equipment.

There is so much useful information out there about how to use your phone for recording stunning video.

Basic Phone Settings and Accessories for Creating Great Video.

1) Focus: Tap and hold on the screen to place your subject in focus and lock that focus before you begin. If you're using your front facing camera, you're not going to get very much depth of field. Try to use the primary camera located on the back of your phone.

2) Lighting: Natural lighting is great, if there's enough of it. If there's not, invest in a portable light that is tripod mountable. I use the Aputure MX ( and the Lita Torch ( Both are tripod mountable and produce an amazing amount of light that's customizable.

3) Setting: You don't want a lot of noise or moving background distraction. Keep the focus on your subject.

4) Sound: While the iPhone's microphone will work in some situations, it's not suitable in windy conditions or if there is any background noise. I highly recommend using something like a RODE mic system with a furry wind shield attached; there are an abundance of options with RODE (

5) Stability: Unless you're going for a certain style of shooting that involves lot's of jerky movement, or you want to spend a lot of time in post trying to stabilize the shot, use a tripod or a gimbal. I use the MOVI Cinema Robot and I can't say enough about it. In fact, it has so many great features that it would take an entire post to outline them all (

6) Frames per second - FPS: To get that juicy looking film look we all love, shoot in 24fps whenever possible.

7) Lenses: Hands down, say no more, look no further than Moment lenses from Seattle, WA. It's, by far, the best glass and construction of any lenses I've ever used, and I've used them all. I especially love the 18MM and the Anamorphic lens, which produces some beautiful bokeh. Moment Lenses -

8) Apps: You can definitely get away with using the built in iOS settings on your iPhone, but if you want to sttep it up, and you have $20 burning a hole in your pocket, get the Filmic Pro App ( Again, just like MOVI, I could spend an entire post on the features available in Filmic Pro.

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