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Community Futures - Help for Entrepreneurs

May 5, 2021

We could all use a little help when starting a business.

The Community Futures Corporation provides services to entrepreneurs in their local communities which include business financing, business plan consultation, business planning and business start-up assistance.

About Community Futures

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) called Community Futures “one of the most innovative and successful rural-oriented policies anywhere in the world”

Community Futures has been helping entrepreneurs in B.C. for over 35 years. Traditionally the program has helped those in rural communities and those with disabilities, but now, deep into a pandemic, programs like this are even more important for a wide range of businesses, not just those in rural areas.

Entrepreneurs with Disabilities.

It's no great secret that I count myself as an entrepreneur with a disability. I know I'm not alone in my fight with depression and PTSD and I know that any help people like myself can get pursuing their dreams is very appreciated.

Dugan Selkirk, EDP Advisor with Community Futures.

"I'm a hopelessly optimistic cheerleader."

We sat down with Dugan to talk about his role in Community Futures, what the program can do for people with disabilities and what the pandemic means to start-ups.

Please watch this interview with Dugan and learn more about Community Futures and why planning is important, wether you're shopping for groceries, building a house or starting a business.

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