Moto Shindig Print Poster

Case Study
Motorcycle Event

Create a event poster and social media piece for a strong culture.

When considering the motorcycle culture, it's easy to lump them all into one category. But, it's certainly not as cut and dry as that.

The Brand

Motorcyclists. Their brands are highly diverse but their focus is on one thing - the joy of riding on two wheels.

The Event is called The 1st Annual Moto Shindig, held in Squamish, BC Canada, situated along the Sea to Sky Highway.
The Sea to Sky HWY is the most popular motorcycle route in all of Canada. Millions of riders enjoy it's twists and turns, epic scenery, and thrilling design each year from March until October.
The brand is new and up to me to create and nourish.

The Setting

Two locations in beautiful Squamish, BC Canada.
Peckinpah restaurant, and 1 1/2 Ave - a Cleveland Hospitality group location that caters to late nights and live band audiences.


I chose Condor by David Jonathan Ross as the primary title font because I wanted something fast and a carefree
Secondary fonts are Acumin Variable Concept and New Grotesk Square


I didn't want to have any colors that were associated with major motorcycle manufacturers, but that's not easy.
Shades of grey, mettalic blues and ocher yellows and a highlight of a rusty orange, (to play off the blue), worked well for this application.

The Tools

I used the following tools to create this project

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Audtion, Maxon C4D

Graphic Elements

Wireframe image from C4D
Initial motion export from C4D
Image export with cell shading from C4D
Motion with particles from After Effects
The final piece with audio and SFX

Final Social Media Motion and Audio