Case Study
stadium motion graphics

The Opportunities and the Challenges

Take a well defined and very strict global brand and make it work on a digital canvas that's 27,248 pixels long and only 64 pixels tall.

At the same time, make the content impactful, memorable, and readable in less than 15 seconds.

Grosvenor Americas Logo

The Brand

Grosvenor Americas

Established in North America for over 70 years, Grosvenor Americas is a development, management and investment company. They are an active owner and developer on a journey to Net Zero Carbon operations, focused on transformative projects and the creative improvement of their investment portfolio.

HSBC Canada Sevens Vancouver Logo

The Setting

HSBC Canada Sevens Rugby Tournament

Held in BC Place Stadium (pictured above), Vancouver, BC Canada. The tournament has been held here each year since 2016 and it attracts tens of thousands of visitors.

The Message

The message needed to be broken down into two parts:

Part 1: "Property specialists in Vancouver and around the world"
Part 2: "Proud Partners of HSBC Canada Sevens since 2016"
Total running time for the LED is 30 seconds.


1: Readability
2: Branding Cohesion
3: Garnering the attention of 60,000 eyeballs amidst the sea of bright colors, action and distractions.

The Solutions and Opportunities

-Divide the total length of the LED into 16ths (1,703 X 64).

-Create an After Effects composition that contains all of the content in those dimensions.

-Nest those 1/16th compositions into another composition that is the total length of the LED (27,248 X 64)

-Space out the 1/16th compositions so that there is enough breathing room between each comp - increasing readability.

-Make both messages animate over a combined time of 15 seconds. This ensures that messages play twice and therefore have double the exposure.

-Add a venue specific graphic element to the content that relates the Grosvenor brand to the HSBC Rugby tournament.