Since I've been more open about my battles with anxiety and depression I'm constantly surprised by how many others are also fighting the same fight. Unfortunately, I'm not surprised by the stories I hear of their workplaces being either unprepared or unwilling to help. Gratefully my pleas of help for myself and my coworkers were answered; my employer listened and added a generous contribution to our benefits for mental health treatment.

I was given the opportunity to announce the additional benefits. I was also given the opportunity to be approached by other peers who felt it then OK to open up about their own struggles.

I can't tell you how grateful I was to be the person that they approached. It validated the feelings that more help was needed.

This past Sunday I took part in the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride - a motorcycle ride that takes place around the world to raise awareness for men's mental health and prostate cancer research. I hope more people will feel permitted to speak of their struggles and maybe even approach their employers to loosen the purse strings and tighten the bonds of friendship and support.

Even though the ride is finished there is still time to donate to DGR by going to my page at

Here are some of my favourite cuts from this year’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in Vancouver, BC Canada.

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