Carmine Street Guitars

I recently had the opportunity to visit NYC and Carmine Street Guitars was on my list of MUST DOs.

In a previous life, I played in a pop/punk band and we were together for over 15 years. After our first album was released on an American label with AWESOME distribution we were lucky enough to find ourselves on the top 20 of over 200 stations around the U.S.. This afforded us the ability to play with some of our favourite bands and meet some of our idols.

Unfortunately, meeting people you look up to doesn’t always work out to be like it is in a Hollywood blockbuster. This was the case with one of my all-time fave bands from the 70’s and 80’s called The Forgotten Rebels. The Rebels were a four piece punk band from Steel Town - Hamilton On. They personified everything that a 20 year old punk kid wanted to be….except that they were the biggest knobs I’d ever met.

FORTUNATELY, this is not the case with Carmine Street Guitars. The punk kid in me couldn’t wait to get through the doors and breath in the familiar smell of a guitar shop, let alone one that is masterfully portrayed on CRAVE/HBO. Carmine Street Guitars, Directed by Ron Mann and Written by Len Blum has been acclaimed by audiences and critics and did a great job of setting me up for another Forgotten Rebels heart break. However, owner Rick Kelly, his apprentice Cindy Hulej and Rick’s Mom couldn’t have been more welcoming and sincere.

Rebels, if you’re reading this while taking a crap in your boarding room’s shit-smelling washroom, take my advice and go to Carmine Street Guitars to get a taste of true talent and hospitality.

Here’s a bit of my visit.

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