Up until a few years ago I never gave much thought to belonging. I always simply felt that wherever I was, I belonged; how very Tao of Poo of me.

I’m not sure exactly when or even why this changed, but it did.

Now, I’m very conscious the need to belong somewhere, to someone, to a cause, a fight, a group…

My motorcycle, a super-dope BMW R9T, often gives me the perfect outlet to search for and find BELONGING. It’s an amazing feeling to be surrounded by your kin, whoever they are, and feeling like you belong.

If you’re like me, you’re lucky to have a few families to belong to. I have my art family, my design family, my motorcycle family, my dog park family and pieces of my real family.

Maybe you’re searching for a place to belong right now. If you are, where are you looking? Where or What do you hope to belong someday? What brings you the biggest sense of belonging?

I really want to know.

This video is about belonging, brought to you by motorcycles and the beautiful people who ride or belong to them.

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