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One down, five up. One, three, two, nighty-night. Breathe, hold, reach, breathe.

You know when there's information in your head that you repeat so often it almost becomes a mantra of sorts? In case you are confused, the cryptic message above are three of my often repeated mantras.

The words may seem like a bunch of unrelated gibberish but, to me, they compare just like apples to apples to apples. Let me explain...

One down, five up; that's the gearing sequence on my BMW R9T. One, three, two is the sequence of punches known as a nighty night; one - jab, followed by a quick three - a left hook, followed by a two - a right cross. Breathe, hold, reach; three common moments in any yoga practice.

All three of these things, motorcycling, boxing and yoga, are exercises in being in the moment. All three turn your brain on like a 315,000 watt bulb, while, at the same time snapping your consciousness to the RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.

There's a beauty in being in the moment that is so easy for all of us to forget. We all get caught up in our stories or the current conflict you're having with your partner. In times like those our brains can run away to somewhere else, often not a pleasant place.

Have you ever noticed how sadness or anger takes your brain to a bad place but laughter brings you, SNAP, right to the moment?

I often giggle like a small child when I'm coming up over a hill that reveals a mind-blowing vista. In this case, something beautiful brings me to the moment.

As taught by my ever patient boxing instructors Praise Vaughn and Jon Quinnit, I have to always be in the moment; keep that right hand up, guard my face, roll, slip, watch, attack, one, three, two, get out.

Breathe, reach, breathe, bend, breathe, hold, breathe; the things a yoga instructor may say to keep you in the moment, on your mat, in your body and not worrying about what the person next to you is doing.

If apples = moments, keep the rotten ones out of your bushel and concentrate on the shiny, delicious ones.

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